RSS Subscribe Scheduled MySQL 5.5 Server Maintenance
Posted on 20/03/14 10:18AM

We are writing to advise that we have scheduled security patching that will require reboots for some of our mysql servers during the following period.

Start Time: 21/03/2014 00:00 NZDT
End Time: 21/03/2014 02:00 NZDT

The following database servers will be affected 

We thank you for your understanding while this working is completed and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled Maintenance: Webmail AtMail software patches
Posted on 17/03/14 06:13PM

We have scheduled the installation of the latest Atmail software patches on Wednesday, 19/03/2014, early morning. The patches address mainly bug fixes and improvements.

Start Time: 19/03/2014 00:00 NZST

End Time: 19/03/2014 00:30 NZST

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RSS Subscribe Urgent Maintenance on server tonight.
Posted on 06/03/14 11:51PM

Our providers have scheduled maintenance on for tonight, within the following period:

Start time: 07/03/2014 12:00 NZDT
End time: 07/03/2014 02:00 NZDT

During this time your website will be unavailable for a period while the server is restarted.

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RSS Subscribe The free Shared Secure Certificate on CPanel servers has been phased out.
Posted on 06/03/14 01:16PM

This was discussed in an announcement earlier in the week, but may have been overlooked by some users. Due to some security updates on the CPanel servers we will need to cease providing  access to the free shared secure certificate, on all shared CPanel hosting servers, effective immediately.

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RSS Subscribe Urgent Security Updates to be applied to CPanel servers - Important Changes
Posted on 04/03/14 06:30PM

All CPanel servers will have security updates applied in the coming days. The server technicians will be enabling the Symlink Patch on the servers as security measure. This patch will ensure that no user can create a link in their account to files under another user, or server configuration files, and thus accessing information from it. 

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RSS Subscribe Lounge Network Infrastructure Upgrade
Posted on 10/02/14 03:00PM

During this week and next we will be completing our migration of the system back-end database system to MariaDB. This refers to the infrastructure that runs the controlpanel and hosting systems, and does not affect customer’s hosted databases. MariaDB offers better real-time support and security, and importantly flexibility and a future focus for next generation services.

No impact is expected as we have been running MariaDB in parallel for some time in order to check data integrity. However we want to inform our customers of the changeover dates and times which are as follows:

Tuesday 11th Feb, 6AM:
All DNS and redirects changed so that they read from the new cluster.

Tuesday 18th Feb, 6AM:
Control Panel changed so that it reads from the new cluster.

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RSS Subscribe Incident Report on the Power Outage at Datacentre on the 4/02/2014
Posted on 07/02/14 05:00PM

At approximately 11:20AM NZ Time on the 4/02/2014, there was a major electrical surge into the datacentre where all of our CPanel servers are stored. This resulted in the datacentre losing power for approximately 2 seconds.  As this is a normal concern for our industry, our upstream providers have both UPS and generator backups to mitigate any potential effect to clients, and we've never had any issues previously.  The facility has gone on strictly UPS power many times, both for our quarterly/yearly testing, as well as regular power surges. 

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RSS Subscribe Wellington Anniversary Day - Monday 20/01/2014
Posted on 19/01/14 04:56PM

Monday the 20th January is a Public Holiday in Wellington, where our main office is located. We will be observing this public holiday, so our main office will be closed on Monday. However we will still be offering limited reduced support on monday, but responses will take longer than normal. Please note that the servers will be continued to be monitored as normal in case any server issues occur. If you need urgent support during this public holiday, please fill in our emergency support form.

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