RSS Subscribe Upgrading CPanel softwere on all CPanel servers
Posted on 19/09/13 04:11PM

This is just to let clients on our CPanel servers know, that the techs will be applying updates to all servers. Please note that there could be some intermittent issues if the servers need rebooting. If you do experience issues this will be the reason why.

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RSS Subscribe Auckland Datacentre Control Panel Maintenance 04/09/2013 00:00 - 00:30
Posted on 02/09/13 04:05PM

We wish to advise customers that the main shared control panel at the Auckland Datacentre (below) will be undergoing maintenance within the following period;


Maintenance window: 04/09/2013 00:00 - 00:30 NZST

During this time users will not be able to login to their accounts while the maintenance work is being carried out.

We thank you for your understanding.

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RSS Subscribe Big changes to our .NZ Domain Name Manager system.
Posted on 22/08/13 06:16PM

New Domain Manager System

We've overhauled the back-end code for the .NZ Domain Manager system, which gives it far better performance and fixes some bugs. You can expect the new system release on September 1st 2013.

Retirement of .NZ Domain Name Auctions

The .NZ domains auction module for hasn't been particularly successful, and is now uneconomical for us to continue providing to clients. Therefore the time has come for us to retire the auction service to allow us to concentrate on better core services. This will be removed from service on September 1st 2013.

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RSS Subscribe Wellington Earthquake on Friday - Lounge Network Announcement #EQNZ
Posted on 16/08/13 04:38PM

This is a network announcement regarding the large Earthquake that struck the Wellington region on Friday afternoon. This Earthquake and the following aftershocks have caused no problems for us. Although our head office is located in the Wellington region, and we certainly felt the earthquakes, it has caused no damage in our office or surrounding area.

The hosting infrastructure where most of our clients websites are hosted, is in professional datacentres in Auckland, well away from both Wellington and Christchurch. So clients can be assured that websites will not be affected by these earthquakes.

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RSS Subscribe End of life for RV Sitebuilder on our CPanel servers
Posted on 15/08/13 12:42AM

We have decided to phase out RV Site builder on our servers, and we have ceased advertising it as a feature. RV Site builder is a third party sitebuilder on our CPanel web hosting plans. We are phasing it out for a number of reasons, but mainly because it hasn't been as reliable as it should be, and it has high support costs. It has also only had very limited uptake, so there are very few websites that use it. There are also now far better CMS options out there now, such as Concrete 5, CMS Made Simple and Wordpress, which are relatively easy to setup, and can have far more features. These weren’t available or as easy to use when we first introduced RV Sitebuilder.

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RSS Subscribe Urgent maintenance on shared mail platform tonight on Auckland network
Posted on 13/08/13 07:19PM

Date: 13/08/2013 23:30 - 14/08/2013 00:30

Services affected: Inbound and Outbound mail delivery.

Our upstream providers wish to advise customers that the shared mail platform will be undergoing maintenance this evening. During this period mail delivery will be delayed both inbound and outbound. Users may also experience password authentication problems during this time. If prompted for a password please leave your existing password entered and retry again later.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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RSS Subscribe Network Maintenance to Auckland Datacentre
Posted on 11/08/13 01:28PM

Urgent Network Maintenance

An issue has been identified with a core component of the Auckland network. To avoid impact to customers, an urgent network outage has been scheduled to allow engineers to rectify the problem. 


This work has been scheduled between Sunday 11 August 2013 Midnight (00:00 NZST) and 
Monday 12 August 2013 02:00 NZST.

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RSS Subscribe Changes to Domain Expiry Reminder Emails
Posted on 07/08/13 03:12PM

Due to a change to ICANN (global domain governance) regulations, our registrar is expanding reminder emails so that they all include the registrant contact. 

Historically, they've provided reminder emails at 60 days, 30 days, 15 days and 2 days to the Billing Contact on your domains, with the 2 days reminder also copied to the Registrant Contact.

From 21st August 2013, they will send all reminder emails to both Billing and Registrant Contact.

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