RSS Subscribe Minor Email Issue for some clients
Posted on 26/03/13 09:10AM

Time: 09:00 until 09:05

There was a brief email authentication issue in our email cluster which impacted some customers on our Unmetered hosting plans hosted in the Maxnet datacentre. This problem is now resolved and this RSS is just to acknowledge the issue.

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RSS Subscribe Major Website Updates Coming
Posted on 21/03/13 06:07PM

We are making some major changes to our website over the next few weeks, along with a brand new fresh website and design. 

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RSS Subscribe Automatic iOS Configuration for email / calendar / contacts, is now available for iPhone / iPad / iPod devices.
Posted on 27/02/13 04:27PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business Class Web Hosting plans.

We are pleased to announce that Automatic iOS Configuration for email / calendar / contacts, is now available for iPhone / iPad / iPod devices.
People wanting to set this up should navigate to the following URL from their iOS Device

Information on how to set this up can be found at

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RSS Subscribe Increase in Spam from Telecom / Xtra / Yahoo email accounts
Posted on 09/02/13 10:06PM

There has been a noticeable increase in spam being received from Telecom NZ email addresses. These include email accounts ending in , etc, and usually includes a link to malware. We suggest deleting these emails immediately, and do not click on any links in the email. Should you click on the email, make sure you do a full malware scan on your PC, as it could potentially cause a compromise on your hosting and email accounts.

This is not something that is affecting our services, but a general problem that is currently occurring on the Internet at the moment. Apparently Telecom are currently investigating the problem.

Therefore if you are receiving a lot of spam from email addresses ending in, or, this will be the reason, and please delete them. Please contact Telecom for more information by googling 'telecom nz'.

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RSS Subscribe New web server and new MySQL 5.5 database cluster
Posted on 07/02/13 10:40PM

This message applies only to clients on our Unmetered Corporate and Business Class Hosting Plans.

On Monday the 11th of February we will add a new web server to the PHP 5.3 cluster bringing the total to 4. We will also add support for a third MySQL cluster to the Control Panel. The new cluster runs MySQL 5.5. The changes will be introduced from 9AM.

We do not anticipate any problems during the introduction of the servers.

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RSS Subscribe CPanel server hardware upgrades.
Posted on 02/02/13 04:05PM

We are pleased to announce that all our CPanel servers have had their hardware upgraded over recent months, as part of our regular updating schedule. This will allow the reliability and performance of the servers to remain at their very high levels. The continued reliability of our services is very important to us, and we are pleased to be one of the most reliable and longest established hosting providers in New Zealand, now being in our 12th year of business.

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RSS Subscribe Atmail Webmail Upgrades for the 01/02/2013
Posted on 30/01/13 05:06PM

This announcement applies to clients on our Corporate and Business class hosting plans.
We are pleased to announce that we have scheduled the installation of the latest Atmail software on Friday, 01/02/2013. This is a major release update containing:

-New Atmail 7 theme
-Faster performance for big mailboxes
-Tons of improvements and fixes

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RSS Subscribe Seasons Greetings for 2012/2013
Posted on 20/12/12 06:50PM

As 2012 draws to a close we would like to thank all of our clients for hosting their websites with us.

We've made some big changes in 2012, mainly to the backend systems. This includes updating most of our web hosting plans to give more value to clients. We have also updated most hosting control panels, and there have also been significant server and network upgrades, leading to hosting reliability that is even better than ever. We are proud to now have one of the most reliable hosting platforms operating in NZ.

2012 also saw us enter our 12th year in business, now making us one of NZ's longest established 100% NZ owned hosting providers. We would like to thank clients for continuing to support a 100% NZ owned company. Supporting a 100% NZ company means that all the profits we make, remain in NZ, and as a result, we pay our fair share of tax to support the NZ economy.

Our main office will be closed between the 22nd December until the 7th January. We will be offering limited support during this period. If you however need emergency support, please use the emergency support form (charges apply)

We would like to wish all our clients a safe and enjoyable holiday over the Christmas and New Year break.

Merry Christmas

Kind Regards

The Team @ Lounge Network.

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