RSS Subscribe Proactive Malware Detection Software Installed on Premium Cpanel Plans
Posted on 16/12/11 12:48PM

We have introduced a new malware detection system for all of our Premium Cpanel servers, named Maldetect. It is an anti-malware project that has proved to be an effective solution against the use of virii/malware on servers. We have initiated full scans on the servers and have detected some malware files on current user accounts. We have incorporated the maldetect software to check apache (web) and ftp uploads. During the uploading of files to the servers, either via ftp or apache (web), maldetect software will scan the file(s) and it will not allow the upload if a file has a signature matching a virus/malware.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled Maintenance: Mail Storage Migration
Posted on 16/12/11 10:30AM

Start Time: 21/12/2011 00:00 NZDT
End Time: 21/12/2011 02:00 NZDT

During this maintenance window, customer mailboxes will be migrated to new storage hardware. This will improve the performance of the mail service.

POP and IMAP (mail checking) services will unavailable during this maintenance window - Customers will be prompted to enter their password when attempting to check mail.

All incoming mail will be held for delivery on completion of the scheduled work, no mail messages will be lost.

SMTP (outgoing mail) will continue to function as normal, but saving a sent message to the Sent folder via IMAP will fail.

We thank you for your understanding while this work is completed, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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RSS Subscribe New CPanel and Webmail Login URLs
Posted on 15/12/11 07:12PM

This announcement ONLY applies to clients on our Premium Grade CPanel branded web hosting plans.

Due to security and server upgrades mentioned in a previous announcement, clients on our CPanel plans will soon only be able to login to CPanel & Webmail through a secure login page. Therefore the old login URL you used to use will be phased out in the coming weeks.

The new logins will depend on which server your website is installed on. Please check your Account information email that we initially sent you when the account was first setup, which should display the server you are on. If you don't have access to this, you can also try logging into to each server using trial and error, which will tell then you the server you are on.

The login links to both CPanel and Webmail can now be found on our updated login pages. The links to these pages can be found below.



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RSS Subscribe Email authentication issue at Auckland datacentre - Resolved
Posted on 13/12/11 09:41AM

There was an email authentication issue this morning that appears to have been caused by a hardware failure on our providers primary email storage node. They brought up secondary node and to restore full services, and are investigating why the primary one failed.

No data has been lost and there is no need to reset your email password. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. The issue only affected users ability to connect to the email server.

The email authentication issue is now resolved, with full services restored.

We hope this didn't cause too much inconvenience. Our engineers are currently investigating the cause of the hardware problem on the node and will work to ensure the services are as reliable as possible in future.

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RSS Subscribe PCI Compliance and Server Updates for CPanel Premium Plans
Posted on 12/12/11 06:32PM

Scope of Work: PCI Compliance
Time: From 10:00PM PST (GMT -8:00) Friday December 16, 2011.

PCI Compliance is becoming a standard across all sites handling credit card transactions. For PCI compliance, several reputed agencies like Security Metrics conduct scans on servers hosting the particular website requiring PCI compliance. In most scan results, port 3306 comes up as a security vulnerability. Port 3306 is assigned to MySQL database server for inbound and outbound access. However, allowing inbound connections to port 3306 is now considered risky since attackers can gain access to the database.

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RSS Subscribe Fantastico to be replaced by Softaculous
Posted on 11/12/11 07:16PM

Over teh comping months Fantastico will be replaced by Softaculous on our Premium CPanel hosting plans. Our providers believe it is a much better replacement, as Fantastico took a very long time to update their scripts and was often installing old versions of the open source software. Softaculous does a much better job of updating, and not only that, it has about 150 more scripts in it, so if anything, it's a better system all the way around. It may take some time for Softaculous to appear on all servers.

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RSS Subscribe Telecom Xtra / Yahoo webmail problems
Posted on 21/11/11 05:15PM

We have received reports from a few clients that they are having trouble logging into Telecoms Xtra /Yahoo webmail email service. This problem has nothing to do with our own services, or any problem on our network. If you are are having problems with your ISPs webmail system, please contact your ISP directly, eg. Telecom / Xtra, so they can provide support to you.

Alternatively if you are one of our clients, you can use our email service with your domain name, and there are no known problems with our own webmail system.

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RSS Subscribe International Domain Name Scam doing the rounds again
Posted on 31/10/11 04:31PM

We have been informed that a "pro forma invoices" scam for international domain names is currently doing the rounds again. This happens on a yearly basis, and this sort of scam has been going on for the last 10 years, and we have had many clients who have received these types of letters in the past.

In this case, we are aware of people who have received a letter via snail mail called "Domain Name Expiration Notice" from an American company, who appears to be based out of Australia. They appear to be going through the Whois database and getting domain owners' data to send these letters out.

If you receive these letters, DO NOT PAY IT. If you follow the instructions in the invoice, you risk becomng a victim of the scam. Not only will they bill you more than we charge, you are also giving them authority to transfer your domain name to their management, where you could lose control of it.

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