RSS Subscribe Network Outage at Auckland Peering Exchange (APE)
Posted on 28/07/11 05:29PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business class hosting plans.

At 11:20AM our providers started experiencing packet loss across the edge of our network causing connectivity issues.

Upon further inspection, it was determined that the outage was linked to a network failure at Citylink (who operate the Auckland Peering Exchange) – the issue was was causing connections at the peering exchange to reset continuously. This affected multiple ISPs including our own providers.

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RSS Subscribe .NZ domain Management Control Panels - We provide clients with Full Control
Posted on 21/07/11 06:47PM

As you may have seen in the media recently, there have been issues encountered by some .NZ domain registrants in New Zealand who use different domain registrars.

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RSS Subscribe Webmail Upgrade for Auckland Server Cluster Clients
Posted on 18/07/11 05:04PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business Class Hosting plans.

We are pleased to announce that we will be upgrading our webmail installation in order to provide a better user experience. This will offer our clients the newer verison of 'ATMAIL' .The new version of the software contains a whole new set of features which we are excited to offer. Very few hosting providers provide this webmail software due to it's cost, so we are pleased to be able to offer it on some of our Premium grade hosting plans.

The scheduled maintenance window for this upgrade is due to occur below.

Start Time: 19/07/2011 07:00 NZST
End Time: 19/07/2011 08:00 NZST

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RSS Subscribe Server and system upgrades
Posted on 13/07/11 04:49PM

If you haven't already noticed, our providers are doing some comprehensive updates to the hosting network, for clients on our Corporate and Business Class hosting plans.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled Updates on the Windows Shared Servers
Posted on 12/07/11 05:32PM

We have scheduled reboots on some of the servers between 10PM and 4AM between this Thursday Night - Friday Morning, 14 - 15 July 2011.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled Maintenance: Mailbox Storage
Posted on 11/07/11 10:18PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business hosting plans.

In order to keep up with increasing demands for storage performance and capacity, our providers will be performing maintenance on one of the mail storage nodes.

Start Time: 13/07/2011 00:00 NZDT
End Time: 13/07/2011 06:00 NZDT

During this maintenance window, we will be migrating mailboxes from the servers that they are currently stored on to new hardware. This will improve the performance of mailboxes via POP and IMAP, and reduce delays in mail processing.

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RSS Subscribe Our advantages over other hosting providers...
Posted on 04/07/11 05:09PM

We sometimes get asked "What makes your web hosting different over other hosting providers out there?"

Well one of the many reasons is 'Reliability', 'Uptime', and the comprehensive backup protection that we provide on our premium hosting plans. Our premium web hosting plans are all of a business standard.
Server backups have become a more important issue recently, with a number of high profile providers having their servers hacked, and resulting in them losing many of their clients websites.

For a start, our Unmetered Business and Corporate hosting plans have 14 days of consecutive backups. Yes that is 14 days! They are also hosted in a cluster, so should one service go down such as an email server, other services such as your website will continue to operate whist the email service is being worked on.

Our premium CPanel based plans have 3 layers of backups.

*The first layer is the servers all are in raid arrays, protecting them from disk failures. This also applies to our Corporate and Business plans above.

*The second layer is daily/weekly/monthly backups to local backup storage. This way if a hacker attacks a site, or you delete something by accident or numerous other activities we can restore from a recent backup.

*The third layer is our remote disaster recovery backups. These are incremental backups that occur every 4 hours. This would prevent for any type of disaster at the webserver, such as complete wipeout of a site, and it's backups. This would be useful in case a hacker was ever able to take down all data on a server.

Most providers do not provide this sort of backup protection due to the high costs involved. Many low cost providers offering cheap hosting plans will only do daily backups, if they do backups at all.

Although you are also required to maintain your own backup plan as per our terms, the server backups do provide additional protection especially for hardware failure and hackers. Please note that the backups we provide are mainly for server restoration. A service fee does apply if you want us to manually restore a backup for you.

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RSS Subscribe E-Mail Outage on Albany Server Cluster - Incident Report
Posted on 29/06/11 03:07PM

As you may be aware yesterday we had an extended outage on our e-mail platform on the Albany Server cluster that prevented the downloading of messages from around 11am until 4pm.

We would like to apologise for any disruption this caused to you, and take this opportunity to explain what happened and what our providers are doing to prevent this issue recurring.

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