RSS Subscribe SMTP Security issue
Posted on 23/05/11 05:36PM

Some clients may have received emails from us, regarding changes to the SMTP servers for the server they are on.

Unfortunately, a security issue has been identified with the way our providers SMTP Server handles SMTP authentication. The issue could potentially lead to a server compromise, so they will be disabling certain functionality as a workaround in order to protect it.

To ensure continued SMTP service, please change the SMTP authentication options in your email client (eg Microsoft Outlook) so that it uses plain text passwords over SSL rather than MD5.

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RSS Subscribe Registering domain names under the correct name.
Posted on 29/04/11 06:56PM

If you are a web designer/developer, or are someone who is registering a domain name on behalf of someone else, you must enter the name and details of the person / entity that intends using the domain name, in the 'registrants' field. You mustn't enter your own details as the registrant. We have come across several domains that have been registered under the name of the web developer, instead of the company that was using it. In many cases the web designer has disappeared, creating a major problem for the company who thought the domain was registered under their name.

Registering a domain in your own name instead of the correct person/entity that intends to use the domain, will create problems down the track, as at some stage both you and the correct person/entity will need to complete a domain name change of ownership form, where we do charge an administration fee.

Therefore please always enter the correct registrants details in the registrants section. If you are a web designer and want us to send you future domain renewal notices, you just need to enter your details in the 'Administrative' details for the domain. Domain renewal reminders will go to the administrative email address. Only the final domain renewal reminder will go to the registrants email address, but as long as you renew the domain as soon as you receive the first reminder, they will not receive that email.

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RSS Subscribe Old unread email in Mailboxes
Posted on 19/03/11 06:32PM

Our providers have noticed that there are a significant number of email mailboxes on the servers that are not being looked at, and the email downloaded from them. However these email accounts are continuing to receive emails, probably, mainly spam emails. Some email accounts have more than 1 million emails in them . This is causing performance problems for the servers, especially when backing up the servers..

As the email is not actively being looked at, on Tuesday 22nd March our providers plan to remove all the email stored in those account as per our terms of service. We will also delete the affected email accounts to prevent it accumulating more email and becoming a problem in the future.

If you would like us to hold off deleting the email, please contact us ASAP.

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RSS Subscribe Shared Hosting Performance Issues - Resolved
Posted on 03/03/11 05:16PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business Class hosting plans.
Overnight the Datacentre Engineers resolved the ongoing issues with the shared web hosting platform. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened and how they have fixed this problem.

Firstly, it should be mentioned this issue is not related to any other issues over the past couple of months, unfortunately our providers have had a bad run with unrelated systems having major failures causing some disruption to services.

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RSS Subscribe Auckland Datacentre - Shared Hosting Performance Issues
Posted on 02/03/11 02:19PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate or Business class hosting plans.

As you may be aware for the past day-and-a-half our providers have had sustained periods where web sites and FTP have been inaccessible or very slow on our Linux cluster. We would firstly like to apologise for this disruption to your websites and would like to assure you our providers are all hands on deck to resolve this situation.
The datacentre engineers have worked through the night (some have not left the office since yesterday morning) in an attempt to reduce the impact on customer web sites, and resolve this issue.
Rest assured this is our number one focus, and once the hosting environment is stabilised a full incident report will be posted on our website.

Keep updated -

All updates are being posted to our news page:

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RSS Subscribe Major Christchurch Earthquake 22/02/2011
Posted on 22/02/11 03:12PM

It is of great shock and sadness to see that Christchurch has been hit by a second major earthquake, which has resulted in fatalities, injuries and widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. It appears that it is far worse than the one last year. Our thoughts go out to all the people of Christchurch during this disastrous time, and we hope they can pull together and recover quickly from this.

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RSS Subscribe Shared Linux cluster upgrades next week on NZ Servers
Posted on 18/02/11 12:23AM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business Web Hosting Plans.

We will be introducing performance upgrades for the shared Linux cluster next week

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RSS Subscribe Server Migration Saturday Night - Mysql 4
Posted on 17/02/11 05:23PM

On Sunday 19 February the mysql 4 server will be migrated into a new cabinet.

Our maintenance window is planned from 9pm until 4am. We will need to shut down the server, remove it from the old cabinet and then install it into the new one.

The server will be down for up to 60 minutes.

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