RSS Subscribe Major Upgrade to CPanel Interface
Posted on 04/05/15 10:23PM

As you may have noticed, CPanel now gives you the option to switch to the all new interface theme. The new theme is called Paper Lantern The new CPanel theme has an all new modern look to it, and is the first major change to the CPanel interface for several years. You can easily switch between the two themes from the CPanel front page by selecting the paper_lantern theme from the theme dropdown menu.

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RSS Subscribe Major changes to Google NZ search results on mobile platforms
Posted on 04/05/15 10:14PM

As of April 21st Google will begin to rank mobile search results, on the mobile-friendliness of your website. This means that if your website hasn’t been built to be mobile friendly, it may not rank well in mobile search results, and this could be a major problem for your business. This means all that money you may have spent on website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) may have been in vain if most of your visitors are mobile based, and your website ranks poorly in mobile searches.

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RSS Subscribe Scheduled MySQL Server Maintenance - May
Posted on 03/05/15 10:46PM

We are writing to advise that we have scheduled security patching that will require reboots for some of our mysql servers during the following period.

Start Time:05/05/2015 23:00 NZST
End Time: 06/05/2015 02:00 NZST

The following database servers will be affected Server
mysql4 z Server

We thank you for your understanding while this working is completed and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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RSS Subscribe ANZAC Weekend Hours
Posted on 24/04/15 02:28PM



As the ANZAC public holiday this year being mondayised, we will be closed on Monday the 27th April. However as always, in the case of urgent support being needed, clients will be able to contact us via our emergency support page , accessible via our support section at Emergency support charges do apply.

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RSS Subscribe Database Connection Issues - mysql5 [Resolved]
Posted on 31/03/15 03:08PM


There was a brief MySQL 5 database issue earlier this afternoon for some NZ hosted websites. This caused slowness, and some connection issues. This has now been resolved.

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RSS Subscribe Time is running out to register your shorter .nz domain.
Posted on 10/03/15 06:54PM

Time is running out to register your shorter .nz domain. If you're eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of your .nz name, you've only got until 1pm 30 March 2015 to register and pay for your domain. Most of our clients who wanted the shorter version of their NZ domain, have already registered it. If you don't register and pay for the shorter .NZ domain before 1pm 30 March 2015 , the shorter .NZ domain will be released into the public pool for anyone else to register it. If you haven't already registered your shorter .NZ domain, and you do still want it, please email us. You will also be able to register your shorter domain via our advanced Domain Manager control panel at .

To register the shorter version of your current nz domain in the Domain Manager control panel, you need to click the  'Domains' tab in the left menu to open the menu. Then click the 'Register PRR/Resolved/Reserved domains' link. Then follow the prompts.

If you need help with any of this, please email us , and we can put through the domain request manually for you.

If you want more information on the new shorter .NZ Domain names, please refer to our blog post last year at

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RSS Subscribe PHP version upgrade on Auckland Web Hosting Cluster
Posted on 24/02/15 07:29PM

On Thursday afternoon (26/02/2015) there will be a PHP version upgrade on the Auckland PHP 5.3 cluster. The PHP version will be moving from 5.3.3 to 5.3.29. We are not expecting any impact to sites running on the PHP 5.3 cluster. If you notice any issues with your PHP 5.3 sites following this upgrade, please submit a support ticket.

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RSS Subscribe Major Upgrades to our CPanel Web Hosting Platform
Posted on 03/02/15 01:38PM

Over the last few months our upstream providers have been rolling out a new shared platform onto CPanel servers to take them to the next level. These upgrades are meant to accommodate where the internet and websites are going, rather than where it has been. To do that, we have gone back to basics to rethink everything from the ground up. We will be introducing these changes in a new round of blog posts starting with the new Apache 2.4 upgrades which have been rolled out already.

Read our blog for more information.

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