RSS Subscribe PHP version upgrade on Auckland Web Hosting Cluster
Posted on 24/02/15 07:29PM

On Thursday afternoon (26/02/2015) there will be a PHP version upgrade on the Auckland PHP 5.3 cluster. The PHP version will be moving from 5.3.3 to 5.3.29. We are not expecting any impact to sites running on the PHP 5.3 cluster. If you notice any issues with your PHP 5.3 sites following this upgrade, please submit a support ticket.

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RSS Subscribe Major Upgrades to our CPanel Web Hosting Platform
Posted on 03/02/15 01:38PM

Over the last few months our upstream providers have been rolling out a new shared platform onto CPanel servers to take them to the next level. These upgrades are meant to accommodate where the internet and websites are going, rather than where it has been. To do that, we have gone back to basics to rethink everything from the ground up. We will be introducing these changes in a new round of blog posts starting with the new Apache 2.4 upgrades which have been rolled out already.

Read our blog for more information.

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RSS Subscribe Our office will be closed Friday afternoon 30/1/2015 for scheduled internal network maintenance in our office.
Posted on 28/01/15 11:50PM


This is advanced notice that our office will be closed most of Friday afternoon on the 30/1/2015, for scheduled maintenance of our office network. This means that during this time we will not be replying to emails, nor posting any network status messages on our website . Our servers however will continue to be monitored 24/7 365, and in case of any issues occur, they will be corrected as soon as they occur as per normal. So please don’t be alarmed if an issue occurs, and it isn’t on our status page.  Any emails sent during this time will be answered later in the evening. Thank you for your patience as we carry out this upgrade work to our internal network.

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RSS Subscribe Orcon hosted email services degraded - RESOLVED
Posted on 28/01/15 12:22PM

Some orcon hosted email accounts may be experiencing issues with Webmail, POP3 and Mail Delivery services.
Engineers are currently investigating and the current estimated time for resolution is 30mins to an hour.

This was resolved at 12:08pm

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RSS Subscribe Merry Christmas 2014 from the Lounge Network
Posted on 23/12/14 02:58PM

Dear Web Hosting Clients

As the year draws to a close, we would like wish all our clients a relaxing and safe festive holiday season. We thank you for your business over the year.

2014 has been a very busy year, with a number of significant updates and advances on the hosting and domain platforms. Notably there have been some major updates with the hosting platform, with significant investment being put into it. In the Domain Name space, it has been one of the biggest years ever, with the introduction of the new shorter .NZ domain extension, and also the release of a whole range of new domain extensions, which clients can register in our Domain Manager Platform.

Next year we will reach a milestone, as we will be entering our 15th year of operation. This will make us one of NZ’s longest established hosting and domain providers, which is still 100% New Zealand owned. We put our longevity down to offering a good quality reliable service and support.

Our main office will be closed between the 24th December until the 12th January. We will be offering limited email support during this period. If you however need emergency support during this period, please use the emergency support form (charges apply). The servers will be continued to be monitored 24/7/365 as per normal, in case of any problems with servers or the network during this time.

We would like to wish all our clients a safe and enjoyable holiday over the Christmas and New Year break.

Merry Christmas

Kind Regards

The Team @ Lounge Network.

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RSS Subscribe Legacy Corporate and Business Plan and DNS only Nameservers
Posted on 08/12/14 04:03PM


Services affected: Any websites using our legacy nameservers on our Corporate and Business Plan and DNS only Nameservers.

Issue: Customers that have had glue records set-up to point to our legacy nameservers that use, and , and are using the following nameserver IPs (NS1 and NS2 will need to update the IP addresses to the following ones below:




Our providers have added the old legacy IP address of back to the Ns1 nameserver for the time being, but we urge all our customers to add the current IP range to avoid any further issues.

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RSS Subscribe Orcon Hosting Issue - RESOLVED
Posted on 02/12/14 08:35PM


Our legacy hosting provider Orcon had an issue on their network late afternoon which caused some of our hosted websites to either be slow loading or unresponsive. This issue also affected our own websites. This issue has now been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

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RSS Subscribe Orcon Hosted Windows Web Hosting Ending - 12th November 2014
Posted on 10/11/14 11:24PM

This is a notice for websites connected to the old Orcon Windows web hosting platforms which have now reached end of life (EOL). From the 12th November 2014, Orcon (iServe) Windows websites will no longer have internet access for security reasons. FTP access to these servers will still be accessible until 20th January 2014. All websites on this platform should have already been migrated over to the Linux Platform. All clients who have their domains and DNS hosted by us will have automatically been switched to the Linux Servers, so your website should be unaffected by this. If you happen to host your domain away from our servers, and you use a third party DNS provider, then your website may stop working after this date. As we don't manage the DNS for those domains we don't know who is affected, if anyone, nor are we able to change the settings for you. We don't expect there to be many, if any, affected by this change. 

If you do have your websites hosted on our old Orcon Windows hosting service, and host your websites DNS with another provider, please be sure to make sure that they are point to ( . Please email us if you are not sure. Your domain provider / DNS provider will need to make this change for you.

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